About Dr. Mallory

Naturopathic Doctor

Optimizing the digestive and hormonal health of women so they can live life with less stress and more joy.


Dr. Mallory believes that a healthy gut is foundational to optimal health. She works with patients to optimize their gut health in order to address stress, anxiety, mood, immunity, energy, sleep, skin, weight management and fertility.


Dr. Mallory practices individualized medicine. She manages and treats chronic conditions but has a strong focus in disease prevention and health optimization.

  • Naturopathic Doctors are regulated under the Regulated Health Professions Act.

  • Naturopathic Doctors work within an integrative health model together other health care practitioners.

  • Naturopathic Medicine is covered by most extended health insurance plans.

Naturopathic Principles

Naturopathic Doctors practice personalized medicine. Treatments are geared towards each individual.

Naturopathic Doctors help promote the bodies innate ability to heal.

Naturopathic Doctors are health investigators that focus on trying to identify and treat the root cause.

Naturopathic Doctors find therapeutic value the doctor-patient relationship. They emphasize education and encourage you to be able to take control over your health.

Naturopathic Doctors work with your modifiable risk factors for disease prevention.

Naturopathic Doctors treat every aspect of an individual from physical to mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social wellness.