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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Most extended health insurance plans cover Naturopathic Medicine. Talk to your insurance provider to find more details about your particular plan.

Yes! Naturopathic Doctors can write blood work requisitions. Cost of blood work is dependent on the type of lab and based on LifeLabs pricing.

No! Naturopathic Doctors work with patients on medication everyday. The goal is always to promote change with lifestyle and nutrition but Naturopaths are trained to know when medication is indicated. Naturopathic Doctors take pharmacology as part of their degree, they are trained in natural product and drug interactions as well as drug-induced nutrient depletions. Dr. Mallory has also obtain additional pharmaceutical licensing to be able to prescribe certain medications.

Yes! Naturopathic Doctors are regulated under the same regulatory act as Medical Doctors and Nurse Practitioners.

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