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Back to School Shopping


Back to School Shopping Choosing Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Dr. Mallory Harris, ND When checking things off your list for this Septembers back to school shopping, it is important to be mindful of what your stationary and lunch containers are made of. Choosing eco friendly, non-toxic products can not [...]

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Stress Management Strategies


Stress Management Easy Tips to Help Decrease Your Stress Dr. Mallory Harris, ND Take a deep breath Slowing down your breath rate and expanding your diaphragm stimulates your vagus nerve which activates your parasympathetic system. This allows us to rest and digest. Make sure your exhales are longer [...]

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Gut-Brain Connection


Gut-Brain Connection The Science Behind Mind-Body Dr. Mallory Harris, ND We often use mottos like, “gut-wrenching, butterflies in your stomach, gut instinct, listen to your gut, gut feeling,” without thinking deeper into what they really mean.  Only recently have neuroscientists been able to reveal the science behind the [...]

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